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The Metcalfe Smith Trust was established in 1867 by a Victorian banker and benefactor, John Metcalfe Smith, who built Cookridge Convalescent Hospital in memory of people living and working in the borough (as it was then) of Leeds.

Cookridge Convalescent Hospital

Following the establishment of the NHS the Trust sold the land connected with the hospital and used the money to run it's own convalescence home in Harrogate for some years. When this was closed and sold in the late 1960's the Charity Commission approved a new scheme for the Trust. Since 1971 the Trust has been using the interest on the invested sale proceeds to make grants for the relief of hardship connected with sickness, ill-health or disability.

Leeds District Aid in Sickness Fund started life as the Leeds District Nursing Association in the 1870s and has been making grants since the 1960s. It’s Trustees felt that it was no longer viable as an independent organisation, so approached Metcalfe Smith Trust with a view to a merger. The merger was completed in November 2015. The new Trust can continue to effectively meet new and emerging needs of people in Leeds and the organisations that work with them.